Did you know that:

  • All campaign activities are funded by individual supporters like you
  • As of 2018, corporations and unions are prohibited from donating to candidates

Your financial support is incredibly appreciated. Everything I do is for the betterment of our city, and with your help, we can spread the message to help build a more innovative, transparent, and human city government.



Markham Bylaw 2018-17 allows for the payment of a rebate to individuals who make contributions to candidates for Markham Council (Mayor, Regional Councillor or Ward Councillors) in the 2018 Municipal Election.

To receive a rebate:

  • Contributors must be individual residents in Ontario
  • Contribution must be in the form of cash or cheque
  • A rebate will be issued in 2019
Contribution to Candidate’s Campaign Formula to Calculate Rebate
$50 — $300 75% of contribution to a maximum contribution rebate of $225
$301 — $550 $225 plus 50% of contribution between $301 — $550 to a maximum contribution rebate of $350
$551 — $1,200 A $350 contribution rebate is issued