Greetings Every One,

My name is Sri Sivasubramaniam, a resident of Ward 5 in the City of Markham since May 2007.

It is with great pleasure that I have filed for nomination with the City on July 26, 2108, seeking the candidacy as a Councillor for Ward 5.

Like millions of Canadians, I have begun my life in Canada in 1988. This magnificent country of ours has given opportunity for all who seek. It is up to them how they chose to live in this most tolerant country.

I had my education from George Vanier Secondary School followed by Seneca College in Toronto before starting to work full time. However, I have not detached myself from working for the betterment of my community which I have started since 1990. My community has been undergoing painful transformation while trying to adjust and settle in this new country.

In February 2001, I started working for Canadian Tamil Radio (CTR), a media which was providing community oriented programs in which the Community found some solace. This gave a wonderful opportunity to engage and work with the community even more.

At about the same time, some community elders and organizations were working to get a dedicated TV Channel and an FM radio. My community engagement and media involvement assisted me to help in these endeavours.

I am a believer in strong and healthy community which stand high on moral ground. Every community has its own challenges and issues that are unique and not every approach will solve them. My experience in serving my community has provided me some approaches and I am open to learn more.

It is my humble request that you vote for me to work for you. Give me a chance to listen to you and the rest is assured.